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HEARTS Academy Trust offers an opportunity for the most able graduates to train to be teachers in partnership with Essex and Thames Scitt and the Wickford Teaching School Alliance.  We offer a range of salaried and non-salaried routes.  Candidates are mentored by our most exceptional teachers.



Teaching pracitce at Wickford Church of England School

It has always been my dream to teach; I wanted to help shape young minds, to inspire them and ignite a passion for knowledge within their hearts, just as many great teachers had done for me. Thanks to HEARTS Academy Trust, I have been provided an opportunity to do exactly that in an environment where I am as encouraged, supported and challenged as the children that fill our classrooms.  I was under no illusions as to the daunting task that lay ahead of me as a trainee teacher, but the team at HEARTS has done everything possible to ensure that I have all the tools I need to succeed.


A happy teacher means happy students, and happy students achieve more. This is the ethos at HEARTS and it informs everything that they do. Since the first day that I walked into my classroom, I have been welcomed with open arms and have been made to feel like I’m part of a family. They have invested in me because they believe that I have the potential to be a great teacher, trust me when I say that this is an incredible motivator. Their belief in me has helped me through the moments of self-doubt that any trainee will invariably face should they choose to take this journey.


It has been made abundantly clear that I can forge my own path at HEARTS, whatever that may be, and I have never doubted that they truly wants to see me flourish. When I am ready, there will be countless chances for career advancement but right now, the focus is on helping me to discover just what kind of teacher I will be. A month in, and I am still excited to come to work. That’s not to say that I still don’t find myself overwhelmed at times, but I am part of a team, part of a family, and I know that whenever I may stumble my HEARTS family will be there to help me continue on my way.




Teaching practice at Briscoe Primary School

From an early age, I have had a keen interest in working with children. Following graduating from university, I spent time working in a local nursery. Although I enjoyed the experience, it made my realise that I wanted to work with older children. After spending a year and a half travelling, I decided to apply for primary teacher training.


I was really nervous about starting my training, due to my limited school experience and time away. However, I have been made to feel welcome by every member of staff at my placement school and other members of the HEARTS Academy Trust. My class and school mentors have been so supportive and are always happy to make time to talk about any worries I may have. I have received lots of encouraging words and it is clear that having a rich and positive training experience is a priority of the school and Trust.


I must admit, the first few weeks have been overwhelming. However, the positivity and support of the school has made them much easier. I am thoroughly enjoying learning about the school environment and feel very fortunate to have been placed in such a wonderful setting. I do not know for certain where I will be in five years time, but the HEARTS Academy Trust has given me the confidence to explore and be ambitious.










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